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“The fruit of faith is love and the fruit of love is service.” Mother Theresa of Calcutta

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Projects And Programs

Projects and programs: The Three Hands Foundation will engage in short and long term initiatives which will remain vibrant and sustainable means of individual and community development. For this purpose, The Three Hands Foundation has identified six critical areas to rebuild and renew the lives of Haitians.  THF will support the following activities and projects which will enable individuals to have a better future:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Housing
  4. Technical training institutes (University)
  5. Environment
  6. Small Business Development

Brief description of the projects

In the effort to participate actively in the reconstruction of Haiti and in the empowerment of its people, the foundation will concretely take the following initiatives:

First phase is to form the institutional structure of the foundation, mobilizing the Diaspora community, gather the necessary resources.  A group of projects will expand in the future the capacity of their execution in other regions of the country.  In the first phase, we will try to implement strategies which will enable us to develop capacity to attend people’s needs.  There will be short, medium, which correspond to the aspects of education, health, and logistics.  The long term will correspond to the human development through education and professional technical formation.

1.  Hope Academy

Hope Academy will constitute a New Vocational Technical Institute that progressively will lead to a University with an initial capacity of 1200 students including residents non-resident students.   They will be able to finish their secondary education and at the same time receive a professional technical education and continue with their university studies.  This institution will be sophistically and technologically well equipped and will meet the international standards for this kind of institution.  It will include several facilities such as logistic, administrative and professor offices, classrooms, laboratories, workshops, auditorium, gymnasium, library, cafeteria, several sports facilities and recreations, computer rooms, student lounge recreation, recreation room and dorms.  The foundation will contribute to the human formation that we may have a new Haitian with a new mentality. Consequently, we will have a new Haiti.

2.  Hope Hospital

It will be a new hospital with a level of managerial and organizational structure that will promote efficiency administrative, informational, therapeutic, diagnostic, and support services. It would be coordinated with the national and international institutions and donors as well as governmental and non-governmental health organizations.

3.  House of Hope:

It is a long range housing program that will provide decent houses for the neediest families.  This project will offer opportunities to families to own their homes to live with their children in peace, safety, and stability. The needs for housing are enormous; we will create an operating system that will monitor the housing program to respond to the immediate needs of communities that need assistance.  In the first phase, we intend to build 800 units in different parts of the country especially for the January 12, 2010 earthquake victims. These houses will be built according to the urban planning and anti-seismic and engineering and architectural codes.

4.  Elementary Schools:

In order to integrally support communities in different areas, education is the most important priority. The construction program has included from three to six elementary schools for primary education.  These schools will primarily benefit the less fortunate children and those in the rural population. It will objectively create institutional capacity to expand or replicate similar projects in throughout the country in the future.  These schools also technologically well equipped. Their design should be modern and according to the standards established by the national and international agencies of education.

5.  Environment

Haiti has potential environmental, agricultural, and natural resources that can tremendously rebound and improve its economical situation. Nevertheless, Haiti has suffered an ecological crisis due to the deforestation. THF will also concentrate on improving the environmental and agricultural situation of the people through different programs and projects.

6.  Small businesses

The Foundation will convey through proper channels Humanitarian Aid to assist people in needs and are still suffering the aftermath of the earthquake January 2010.

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